Live-in care in your own home offers a real alternative to care in a residential home.

The Live-In Homecare Information Hub is brought to you by a partnership of the UK’s leading live-in care at home companies, all of whom are experts in this specialist field. They feel passionately that, for most people, whether elderly and frail, or suffering from chronic or disabling conditions, when being looked after, there really is no place like home. Indeed, the vast majority of older people in the UK (97 per cent, according to a recent national survey*) don’t want to move into residential care with what is often an institutional and regimented way of life, away from familiar surroundings, friends, family and pets.

Here you will be able to find out all the essentials about live-in care: the physical and emotional benefits, how it works (there are different types and levels available), the practicalities, fees and funding which could include state funding, plus care and nursing providers to contact for further information.

*A nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults (aged 18-75) was surveyed by One Poll in July 2014

Why live-in homecare Find a care provider

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"Live-in care is a long established but relatively unknown, growing alternative to residential and nursing care that substantially extends the care choice available to the individual. It allows someone with high levels of need to remain in their own home and community and lead a good quality life in familiar surroundings. I expect live-in care to continue to grow in popularity and to become the high quality first care choice of many people"

Dr. Glen Mason, Director of People, Communities and Local Government, Department of Health

Our Carers

Hub partner companies have exceptionally high carer standards with a strict vetting procedure. Live-in carers are exceptional individuals - with unique attributes and qualifications - all necessary for this demanding, but rewarding, vocation.

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The Essentials

This section explains the role of a live-in carer, the facilities they require, working hours and the in-depth matching procedures.

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In the News

Keep in touch with the latest news stories and research about the benefits and implications of live-in homecare.

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